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Alive Oaks is a 35 acre Eco farm set on a mountain side in one of the most beautiful

and charming  areas of Central Portugal and the world. 

We  are a transformation retreat... helping you to transform anything that keeps you from living a full happy life.... Our top priority is to provide a safe space for healing and relaxation, Alive Oaks is a place to de-stress, and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul .

We are nestled into the mountain side with breathtaking views looking out over Portugal and Spain.

We offer organic vegan food, nature walks, sound healing, Qi Gong, Yoga, access bars, bio magnetism, NLP, CBT, spiritual journeys and much more.

The best part... You can customize your retreat to suit your needs and transformation.

The more effort you put towards your transformation and your intentions the greater the rewards will be.

We have 35 aces to explore and can accommodate your needs in our beautiful farm house and renovated barn, we also offer life-changing health, Qi giong / Yoga Retreats.

Also Sound healing lessons through out the year and Heart Frequency Connection - Divine Feminine Retreats in June learn more here.



A transformation retreat is a time where you reset your inner light and we help guide you to reconnect to your essence. We do this by a total emersion in nature, intermittent fasting to allow the body to heal. Good vegan food grown from the garden or from local markets .


Daily yoga and Qi gong, Life coaching, nature walks and many different therapies and healing modalities. But most of all the love care and attention you deserve. We are very down to earth, open and friendly here and all are welcome.


Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the mountains, our retreat is a sanctuary for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and themselves. Our program is designed to help you find peace and harmony while providing various tools and therapies to connect with your heart and the divine feminine energy learn more here.


Each person attending will have a 2 hour one on one healing session which is suited to their needs - a combination of sound, magnets, channelling, body work, multidimensional and shamanic healing.


A guided journey day will be included to add to the transformation. This will be discussed beforehand according to the persons needs.


Nature walks in the day and you will be given enough time to yourself for journaling and integration, we also provide therapy and coping methods - CBT / NLP for those that want or need it. So you have the tools and support when you continue your journey in your day to day lives.



During your stay your accommodation will be in one of our beautiful two bed houses. One is a beautiful converted barn with 2 beds in, log burner, kitchen and cosy lounge. 


The other is the old original farm house, has two bed rooms, kitchen, bathroom and comfortable lounge... outside looking at the beautiful views is a covered dinning area and lounge...  all are very clean and comfortable with breathtakingly beautiful views peace and tranquillity the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature.


Life Changing


I spent my entire life filled with anger, conflict and depression.

"Alex and Ira are an amazing team and both really helped me to understand my trauma and find my light ... I left there after 7 days a new person, feeling love, light and excitement for life! I owe both of them my life."

"What they have there and who they are is very special its like no other place in the world. I highly recommend it "

"This transformation will benefit so many people who rely on me, as its a beautiful ripple affect ... when you heal your self you heal the world"


Dino - Isle Of Wight


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