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Image by Simon Wilkes


Special events are where we may have special guests coming to join retreats or we may put on special events that can be booked separately to other retreats. To book please contact us or follow the links for more information.


Everyone is welcome on this group session of Kundalini Activation Process in Portugal.

A unique event: there are no "regular" facilitators in the country and Ellen from Belgium is traveling here especially for this KAP-session. 


What can you expect? You lay down on a yoga mat and some music is played. The facilitator walks around and starts and energetic process, she might touch you on chakra or meridian points. The non-dual energy that she transmits will activate your kundalini or life force energy. Your body can react with spontaneous movements, emotional releases, visions and insights or high states of bliss. Being in this energy field can cause a physical and emotional detox: you will shed unnecessary layers of conditioning and raise your consciousness. 


This experience is hard to translate into words: you have to experience it to grasp what it can do. 


A unique opportunity not to be missed.

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