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The wisdom of loving yourself

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Transformation retreats are retreats where you redefine your inner light. This means you will reconnect to your essence. How do we intend to help you reach this state of transformation? Through deep immersion in nature, intermittent fasting, organic vegan food, meditation, spiritual and life coaching, guided meditation, baths and sound healing, daily morning Qi gong sessions, afternoon yoga. In addition, each person attending the retreats will have an individual 2-hour healing session tailored to the person's needs (a combination of sound, magnets, channelling, bodywork, multidimensional and shamanic healing) as well as a day Guided journeys will be included to add to the transformation that will be discussed beforehand according to people's needs We will have sharing circles at night and nature walks during the day and you will have plenty of recording and integration time for yourself.

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