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Dino - Isle Of Wight

I really enjoyed my stay here, the different healing sessions deeply moved (something within) me, whilst the chi gong made me move. the nature urged me to turn inward and be still so a very moving experience altogether. The hosts make for lovely company and interesting conversations. Would definitely recommend going here.

Rowann - Belgum

I really enjoyed my stay here, the different healing sessions deeply moved (something within) me, whilst the chi gong made me move. the nature urged me to turn inward and be still so a very moving experience alltogether. The hosts make for lovely company and interesting conversations. Would definitely recommend going here.

Michael & Kelly Gill ❤🙏🏻

Myself and my wife returned to see Ira after a couple of years as the 1st time we received healing was amazing.

Well the 2nd time was even better.
What an exhilarating experience!!!
We had various healing treatments that were so enlightening and we both feel completely free from past childhood trauma deeply locked away.

Nearly a week on and we both feel fantastic and ready to accomplish anything. 

If you are curious about the spiritual side of life then do not hesitate to contact Ira, you will not regret it.
Absolutely wonderful experience!!!

Marc Weemaes  (Netherlands)

Warmth, kindness, the bumpy path up takes us off grid into the wilderness . We arrive at the house, blazing in the sun that is my shelter for the next 5 days, cozy veranda, typical Portuguese building style.

I feel right at home. I meet Alex, nice guy. Friendly, no nonsense, and hilarious. It's all very relaxed .

Ira is already very busy practicing Chi gong and invites me to join her this morning. This will be a daily ritual, a nice start with energy to do some things. The yurt is hidden between a group of trees and shrubs, surprising, beautiful blue and beautiful color decoration on the outside, an oasis of peace and safety when I enter the yurt .

It is the temple of Ira where she lives and works. Soon a larger yurt will be built on the site decided for the rides that will start early next year, highly recommended..

The area is facing a hill, in several places there are beautiful viewpoints where you look at an endless distance, greenery, tree plantations, lovely houses hidden in the green. Vegan and self-sufficient, around the house small gardens with vegetables, grapes, other fruit. Delicious salads or vegan pasta dishes, all tastes delicious I don't really have to eat much.

The area offers peace and a nice Zen feeling for free and for nothing.

In addition, the inviting attitude of our host and wife and a nice varied program with yoga, chihong, walking, swimming and trips in the area. Time for myself, breathing, floor, unraveling thoughts and emotional, distance from my life in the Netherlands really loose, real holiday. Ira and Alex thx, it was super nice to be with you.


Alive oaks is a place for extremely personalized and extremely potent transformation. The land is astoundingly beautiful and abundant.  Ira and Alex make you feel completely at home, and the accommodations are clean and cozy and ideal for supporting your process.


Working with Ira is truly magical. Words are a limiting platform to express the profound gratitude I have to journey with Ira as a guide.  I have complete trust with Ira, and that is a really key component for healing.  My trust in her has expanded into trust in myself. From daily qi gong trauma release sessions each morning, to deeply restorative sound healing sessions, medicine journeys, art therapy, card readings, dream work, dance, and many other tools for connection and transformation, you will experience healing and personal power and growth like never before with Ira. Her gifts are seemingly endless and she walks with compassion, grace, and love.

One of the greatest gifts of the experience has been establishing a connection with my own guides and strengthening my intuition.  I left feeling ready to continue to integrate my experience into my life with the support from my guides and continuing practices I learned at Alive Oaks. 

Ira is also a really fantastic cook, and she makes the most wholesome love filled food ever. Seriously some of the yummiest and creative food I've had in my life!

This place is truly a sparkly light filled gem designed to return you to your authentic self. I wish everyone blessings on their journey at Alive Oaks and couldn't recommend it more!

Rebecca - Australia

I feel lighter, I have more trust and the life things that pop up seems to drift away with more ease. I am noticing how much more of a participant I am in my reality and the ways in which I can create more peace, love and happiness in my life.

I have soo much appreciation for Ira and Alex. I always feel so safe and cared for in their presence. They have lots of love in their precious hearts.

While at the retreat space I worked with a number of modalities and medicines. I loved the way Ira moves with you in these spaces. The lack of judgement and trust I felt created moments where I allowed myself the freedom to express, feel, release, process, explore, move with any of the many things that were discovered and revisited. Ira is amazing at what she does, she helped me with many stubbourn things I couldn't release, I learnt soooo much. I feel refreshed hehe.

I am left with an abundance of love and appreciation for my time here, for these beautiful humans coming into my life, for the land and all the magical trees, the loving beings, the animals and all the magic that took place and will continue to be present in my life.

Explosions of love sprinkles everywhere hehe

Tess (Paris)

My stay at Alice Oaks has changed me in the most unimaginable and wonderful way. I went there with a friend of mine, for some quality time in nature, seeking for reconnection and growth. We've been hosted with such care and love that at first, it was hard to believe.


Nonetheless, this beautiful dream kept on going until we left this magical place. Thank you so much Ira. My gratefulness goes far beyond any words I could express. This retreat has contributed in a major shift in my life, all for the best.

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