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Alive Oaks Oracle Card Deck


*The Bridge:*
In the 'Bridge' card, delve into the profound symbolism of connection. As beings, we construct diverse bridges—emotional and spiritual—each with a distinct purpose, leading us toward unexplored horizons. This card invites recognition of the intricate web of relationships and experiences that shape our journey.

Recognize the transformative power embedded in the act of willingly burning bridges. There are pivotal moments when severing ties to old narratives becomes essential for personal growth. Embrace this action as a courageous step, allowing closure to clear the path for the emergence of new chapters in the evolving story of your life.

*Shadow Aspect:*
Explore the shadow aspect of burning bridges—a process that, while necessary, may carry emotional weight. Acknowledge the complexities and potential discomfort that come with letting go of the familiar. Understanding the shadows of this action is integral to navigating the intricate dance between closure and the unfolding of new beginnings

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