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Channeled messages

Moving in harmony with the elements—wind, earth, fire, water, and Qi—elevates your consciousness to new heights.

It feels like your entire being is lifted, carried by the flow of energy that connects you to the universe.


In this state, you become one with nature, experiencing a profound sense of peace and oneness that transcends the ordinary.




Quartz crystals have long been revered for their mystical properties and ability to harness and amplify energy.

From ancient civilizations to modern-day spiritual practitioners, quartz crystals possess healing powers and enhance one's connection to the spiritual realm.


Chi, or Qi, is the life force energy that flows through all living beings according to traditional Chinese philosophy, practiced through modalities like Qi gong It is essential for health, vitality, and well-being.

When the energy of quartz crystals interacts with Chi, it can amplify and balance this vital life force within the body, promoting harmony and healing.


Through the centuries, people have used quartz crystals in various forms, such as jewelry, meditation tools, and energy grids, to channel and enhance Chi energy. Whether worn as a pendant or placed strategically in a room, these crystals are here to create a positive energetic environment that supports physical, emotional, and spiritual well being Whether it's a sense of calmness, increased focus, or a feeling of connectedness to something greater you are seeking the power of quartz crystals and Chi continues to captivate and inspire those who seek balance and harmony in their lives.



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The sunrise holds a mystical power, gently coaxing our spirits awake with its soft hues and tranquil glow.

Its arrival whispers of new beginnings, filling us with hope and a sense of renewal as we embrace the promise of a fresh day.


The warmth of the rising sun infuses us with energy and positivity, inspiring us to face the challenges ahead with courage and determination.

In its gentle morning touch we find motivation and strength, ready to greet the world with open hearts and minds.



In the quiet stillness of nature, between the ancient rocks that stand as silent sentinels, there lies a profound wisdom waiting to be felt and understood.

These rocks, weathered by time, are more than mere geological formations; they are our ancestors, holding within them the stories of the ages.

in their presence, attuning our own vibrations to the subtle hum of the earth, we can begin to sense the wisdom they carry.

It is a knowledge that transcends words, a deep resonance that speaks directly to the soul.

In the deep silence, away from the distractions of the modern world, we become open vessels, receptive to the teachings of the rocks.

Their vibrations intertwine with our own, offering insights and guidance that can only be felt, not heard.

To truly connect with this ancient wisdom, we must create silence around us, both externally and internally.

We must quiet the chatter of our minds, still the restless energy within us, and allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment.

In this state of receptive silence, we can commune with the rocks, listening to the stories they have to tell, feeling the ebb and flow of their energy as it merges with our own.

It is a sacred communion of vibration, a silent conversation between kindred spirits.

Through this deep connection with the rocks, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

We have access to their wisdom that has been waiting for us since the dawn of time.

Let’s embrace the silence, let us stand in reverence before the ancient rocks, and let us open our hearts to the profound wisdom they hold.

For in their silent presence, we may find the answers we seek, and the guidance we need to navigate the journey of life.



In the embrace of Mother Earth's arms,

Wisdom flows, like sacred charms.

Listen, child, to nature's song,

For therein lies where you belong.

In every creature, a guide resides,

Their whispers carry truths untied.

The land, the sky, the rivers wide,

Hold secrets, where spirits glide.

Seek the divine in every hue,

Daylight's dance, night's gentle cue.

This counsel, a sacred prayer,

To weave fulfillment, everywhere.

Open your soul, let wisdom's light,

Guide your path, both day and night.

Embrace the world, its treasures bind,

In sacred ties, hearts entwined.



The magic of sound is a wondrous gift we're blessed with.

Through instruments, our consciousness gracefully shifts, dancing to the rhythm of melodies, melodies that weave stories, evoke emotions, and connect us to each other and to the universe.

In the symphony of life, sound is the gentle conductor, guiding us through the highs and lows, reminding us of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us.



In March, the promise of spring hangs in the air, yet the remnants of winter linger, carried on the cold winds that sweep down from the snow-capped mountains. There's a palpable sense of transition, a crackling, crispy feeling that heralds the impending change.

Despite the chill, there's an undeniable sense of hope and renewal as nature prepares to awaken from its winter slumber.

March brings with it new opportunities, new beginnings, and the promise of growth, both in the world around us and within ourselves.

It's a time to embrace change, to welcome the shifting seasons, and to eagerly anticipate the beauty and possibility that lie ahead.


Every day, I find solace in the embrace of nature, a sanctuary where I count my blessings with each breath.

As I wander, I am enveloped by the delicate fragrance of flowers, their petals whispering secrets of the earth's beauty. The air itself seems to caress my skin, reminding me of the interconnectedness of all living things.


Bathing in the crystal-clear waters of rivers and lakes, I am cleansed not only physically but spiritually, immersed in the timeless rhythm of the natural world.

Under the radiant gaze of the sun, I feel a sense of reverence, acknowledging its life-giving warmth and energy.

My heart swells with affection for the majestic trees, their sturdy trunks reaching towards the sky, roots firmly anchored in the earth's embrace.


I speak softly to the plants, recognizing their silent contributions to the symphony of life, and in return, they offer me their quiet wisdom.


In this sacred space, I extend my gratitude and respect to all living beings, from the tiniest insects to the grandest creatures. Even among humans, I find reasons to honor and appreciate the diversity of experiences and perspectives that enrich our shared existence.


In nature's embrace, I find harmony, and in each moment, I am reminded of the precious gift of life on this extraordinary planet.



Life is like a masterpiece waiting to be painted, not a heavy burden to bear, but a colorful playground where we rediscover our talents and purpose.

Each day is a canvas, inviting us to explore, learn, and share our unique gifts with the world.

We are here to uncover what we came to learn, to embrace what we have to offer, and to teach others through our experiences.

In this creative journey called life, every moment is a stroke of possibility, shaping the beautiful blueprint of our existence.


In the light of day,

I draw near,

Whispering softly,

let inhibitions disappear.

Shed the masks,

veiling your grace,

Reveal the true you,

in love's embrace.

A cherished soul,

with angels in kin,

Let the world witness the beauty within.


The inherent challenge with all bonds lies in the requirement to embrace differences.

If only the other person could conform to certain expectations, if only they would alter their behavior or pay more attention to me, if only we could align in certain ways—this line of thinking leads to a sense of helplessness.

The true safeguard in relationships isn't the relationship itself but rather the process of how it came to be.

Without a proper foundation, you're constantly engaged in maintenance.

Understanding the mechanics of relationships reveals that when you recognize them, you're left with a choice: accept the reality with a sense of resignation or decide what to do next.

It's not about assigning blame but rather acknowledging the tendencies to store away grievances and impose expectations on others.


Feel the healing vibes of the sun and colors wash over you.

Let the sunshine lift your spirits, bringing warmth and life.

Dive into the rich palette of colors around you, each one bringing its own good vibes.

It's like a natural reset for your soul, restoring balance and energy.

Embrace the sun's rays and the beauty of colors—it's nature's way of giving you a big, warm hug and bringing some good vibes your way.


In the delicate fracture of the mirror, an unveiling occurs—a revelation of the true self.

Each shattered shard reflects a facet of one's essence, revealing the complexity within.

As the mirror cracks, the illusions dissipate, and authenticity emerges, inviting a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Embrace the beauty within the broken reflections, for in the fragments lies the truth that was waiting to be seen.


A serpent slithers through the realm,

A symbol, ancient, at consciousness's helm.

Coiled wisdom, silent and profound,

In scales of thought, its truths are bound.

The serpent's dance, a cosmic choreography,

Weaves through realms of mind, a silent elegy.

In Eden's tale, it whispered secrets bare,

Of knowledge gained, burdens we must bear.

Eyes like mirrors, reflecting ancient lore,

A serpent's gaze, consciousness's core.

In cycles of shedding, it finds rebirth,

A symbol of transformation, a dance with Earth.

From Kundalini's rise to wisdom's awakening,

The serpent's journey, a symbolic reckoning.

Through coils of time, its essence weaves,

Consciousness, a serpent's dance that never leaves.


A river's dance, where rocks align,

Whispers secrets, a tale entwined.

A waterfall's embrace, both wild and free,

Two bodies merge, become the river's decree.

Upon the stones, where ripples play,

Love unfolds in a liquid ballet.

Their essence blends, a symphony of grace,

As water and souls entwine in this sacred place.

Through cascading echoes, a timeless song,

Two hearts converge, where currents belong.

In the embrace of liquid arms so wide,

Two souls meld, in the river's tender tide.

Together they flow, in nature's grand design,

A union eternal, beneath the moon's soft shine.

Rocks bear witness, as love takes its stand,

Two bodies merge, becoming one with the land.


In the realm of my heart, horses hold a sacred place—an embodiment of trust, a profound connection, and a boundless love that transcends words.

Their majestic presence intertwines with my soul, forging a bond steeped in understanding and shared whispers. In their eyes, I find a reflection of trust, a silent agreement that transcends the spoken language.

Riding on their back is not just a physical act but a harmonious dance of two spirits in sync. This connection radiates a love that echoes through every hoofbeat, fostering a sanctuary of peace where worries dissipate, and tranquility reigns.

In the embrace of these magnificent beings, I discover a haven where the language of the heart speaks louder than any tumultuous noise, and a love for horses becomes a tranquil symphony that resonates within the depths of my being.


Embrace the melody of joy today; let music be your celebration.

I revel in elevating your spirit through harmonies.

Join me in the dance of life—sing, move, and rejoice.

When you share your creative spirit, you're a conduit of love.

Let joy resonate in your heart, orchestrating the symphony of life. Engage in the communal dance of music, sharing your boundless joy with the world.

Juniper (my joy guide)


Angels in the sky, unseen yet ever-present, guide us with ethereal grace, illuminating our path through life's celestial journey.


In the multidimensional dance of light, allow spaces within your unity, where the ethereal winds weave through.

Radiate love without binding it; let it flow like a luminous sea between the realms of your souls.

Share the essence but drink from diverse cups.

Break bread together, yet savor it from distinct loaves. Harmonize in song and dance, finding joy, yet let each resonate individually, like strings on a cosmic lute.

Offer your hearts, but let Life's hand cradle them.

Stand together, not too close, for the temple's pillars stand apart, and the luminescent oak and cypress thrive without overshadowing one another.


The ripples of consciousness spread outward, echoing the spiraling effect of ascension as individuals elevate their awareness, creating a transformative resonance that influences not only themselves but the interconnected fabric of existence.


In the tapestry of existence, the sacredness of all beings weaves a profound connection. From the gentle sway of plants to the potency of sacred medicine, each element carries a divine essence. Gratitude becomes a sacred ritual, acknowledging our fleeting incarnation and the pivotal role we play in the symphony of Earth's sacred time.


In the quiet embrace of trees we find solace, their branches reaching out like gentle guardians.

They breathe life into our deepest sorrows, transforming negativity into the whispered rustle of leaves, a symphony of healing.

In the dance of photosynthesis, we share breath with these silent angels a symbiosis that echoes the beauty of interconnected existence.

Each tree a unique testament to nature's artistry, stands as a living poem, inviting us to marvel at the magnificence woven into their very essence.


The healing power of the blue light tetrahedron merkaba is a testament to the profound connection between light, geometry, and our inner well-being.

This ethereal construct, bathed in a serene azure glow, encapsulates a harmonious symphony of energies.

Within its crystalline lattice, a symphony of soothing frequencies resonates, caressing the essence of our being with a gentle embrace.

The azure hue, a beacon of tranquility, washes over us, dissolving knots of tension and fostering a sense of calm.

It is in this luminous embrace that we find solace, a sanctuary for the weary soul seeking solace and renewal.

As the merkaba pulses with its healing energy, it becomes a vessel for transformation, illuminating our path towards wholeness and serenity.

In tandem with crystals, it forms a sacred alliance, amplifying their innate vibrational potency, and creating a symphony of radiant rejuvenation that dances through our being, igniting a renaissance of vitality and inner strength.

This celestial dance of light, geometry, and crystal resonance offers a sanctuary for the weary, a sanctuary where healing and transformation flourish.

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