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I am Ira Sunseeahray


Here is a little about me:

I'm a certified medical intuitive healer and I receive healing energies that work through various modalities that I am using to allow people to receive the healing that they themselves call in. For many years I have been working with sound, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, crystal merkaba, gong drum, maracas, wah wah tube, chimes, percussion instruments, Kochi bells, and others

I allow the bowls, gongs and other instruments to do the work with me. I work with sacred geometry to open a healing space in the etheric body and then allow the conscious bowls to do the healing, I am guided by the bowls, gong and spirit to allow the healing to take place.

Another modality I work with is access consciousness bars, where I touch 32 places on the head that get activated and can release blocked energy or open portals for healing or receiving information from higher dimensions and activate dormant channels to connect to higher levels of consciousness. Lots of emotions can come up and many blocks can be removed, depending on what the person is ready to release at that moment.

I also offer bodywork, which is my own style, developed from various massages and holistic work (quantum reiki, multidimensional and shamanic healing) I have learned over the past 10 years.

I bring the etheric body into the physical body and in doing so try to help reset the body into a core aligned state of being as it works on the physical body but also on the chakras and meridians.

Over the past 14 years I learned many different styles of yoga and am a certified yoga instructor, also here I created my own practice that combines many styles from hath, to vinyasa flow to yin.

I have spent the last 4 years going really deep into the practice of Qi gong and have created my own practice, Quantum Qi going, that is a combination of traditional Shaolin Qi gong breath work, meditation, trauma release, connecting to higher realms and your guides and some yoga. It is very powerful, transformative practice that goes deep on all levels.

Sacred plant medicines have been a great source for learning for me in the past 15 years and a lot of transformation has occurred with these sacred plants. I have gone through many initiations and have received permission to work with certain sacred plants and other guided one on one journeys in a scared space, guided by the spirit of the plants.

I work extensively with my own channelled guided meditations for in depth insight and healing and I often use this in my online work. Multidimensional healing, soul healing and soul vision readings, shamanic healing, channeling, angelic healings, light language are all modalities I use during my sessions and in my online coaching sessions.

Every healing session will be made to measure according to your specific needs, after and initial talk or call.


To book or talk please email or WhatsApp

Sunseeahray  on  +33 766586811

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