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The Plant Retreats

My name is Nzé Nzomo Rudy, Gabonese origin, grandson and heir of the first woman to bring the ancestral tradition of Bwiti and Ombouiri to the largest province endowed with both cultural and natural wealth of Ogooué-Ivindo called Nzame Ekomi Ndong Bikone. I grew up in a rural area and from my first initiation at the age of two years old, I was quickly aware of the need for African mystico-spirituality, traditional therapy, sacred ecology, and connection of the ecosystem. I have been initiated in 16 branches of the country and two others foreign. I have worked with spiritual leaders from the north to the south and the east for a long time where they have consecrated me by the values acquired to be able to transmit knowledge through initiative and medicinal experiences. I have two documents given to me by the ministry in charge of culture in occurrence, documents attesting the recognition of Gabonese spiritual activities and sacred musicology.

Plant Retreat

Join us on a transformative journey with The Plant: Medicine of the Souls. Discover the taste of profound wisdom and the experience of this sacred plant. Unlock the mysteries of the invisible and embark on a path of renewal, restoring authenticity and reclaiming your moral, physical, and spiritual capacities.


Experience the power of The Plant to open doors to other realms, guiding you towards total restoration and a return to purity. Traditional cleansing rituals and nature initiations await, offering you the opportunity to connect deeply with the natural world.


Plus, explore the possibility of microdosing after your journey, allowing for continued growth and integration. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the depths of consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery with us. 

Retreat Dates

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